One of the biggest decisions for your wedding day, aside from choosing Cricket Hill Ranch as your wedding venue is picking the perfect wedding dress. 2015 is full of new designers ideas that will show off beauty, style and detail. This year we are seeing even more soft colors added to dresses. Last year we saw soft pinks and this year it is soft blue tints, very subtle but there. If color is not your idea of the dream dress how about trying something with sheer overlays or lace. Do not panic, when we say sheer this does not mean your wedding dress is see through, it just means there are pieces on it designed to show off a specific area of the body with style and class. 2015 is the return of princess style ball gowns. This look gives a pouffier off the waist and leg look rather than form fitting. With this style dress the popular trend this year is scene by creating the bottom halves with tulle or other lightweight fabrics. This style dress is sure to provide you with a great photo when you twirl on the dance floor.  And last we are seeing dresses with draping shoulder sleeves or just one-shoulder designs. This look compliments any woman and brings a bit of that romantic flare to the whole look. Simple but stylish.