2015 is proven to be the year of bohemian chic. We are still seeing a bit of the rustic look but bohemian chic is definitely the in style for this year. So what exactly is bohemian chic? Bohemian Chic combines organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces. It can be defined as bringing back vintage pieces to the modern era.

In order to create this look for your wedding you need to create a homey atmosphere. Traditionally we have scene round tables at weddings but with this style you use long wooden farmhouse tables and pair it with benches or wooden chairs. Another element would be the color of your utensils and pansĀ and we suggest using copper to create this look. As for your bridesmaids a more flowing dress is recommended. Try pairing it with large jewelry and a light fur or fun cover piece. Headbands and feathers are also another way to help get this great look when it comes to mastering bohemian chic hair. Another way to really take the bohemian chic style to a whole new level is hiring a small intimate band around a camp fire with fun blankets and pillows for your guests to enjoy the show out under the stars. Finally you want fun lighting that helps set the mood. Rustic star lanterns would look great hanging from trees or string bulb lights to help create this vibe. Bohemian chic is pretty and fun and will really set that intimate feel if that is what you are going for.