Weddings now a days tend to end around 11:00 p.m. or later and your guests are sure to be hungry. More and more couples are starting to do late night snacks for their guests to enjoy along with all that dancing and drinking that is taking place. We have scene a wide variety of late night snack ideas from Whataburger taquitos, pizza, food trailers to snack tables. There are several ways to serve your late night snacks, just depends on the style and budget you have. If you want everyone talking about your wedding, a late night food truck serving delicious treats is the way to go. If you want convenient and easy, set up a table and let your guests grab their own snacks. Somewhere in the middle, hire staff to serve late night snacks on trays or pass out to your guests. Finger foods, cookies and milk or your favorite snack can be served; there is no right or wrong way when serving more food.¬†Any of these ideas will definitely satisfy you and your guests’ late night cravings.