Drink Stations, everyone needs them so why not do a few smaller stations instead of one large one. What are the benefits of doing a few small drink stations?

First off, they are super cute! Each bar can be customized to your style to match the wedding. Not only are they adorable but because they are smaller you can station them anywhere you want at your venue. This means indoor and outdoor bars. Having a few different stations also allows your guests quicker service. Long lines are not a problem when there are different stations for your guests to choose from. Finally, each station can be specialized with different drinks so that the bar area does not look crowded and your guests can pick and choose what they prefer or try them all!

Common types of bar stations include bottled beer stations, margarita stations, whiskey bar, sangria bar, specialty drink blends and don’t forget about the kids and have bottled cokes and Izze Soda. Contact us today for ideas about customizing a special bar package for your wedding that will have you and your guests celebrating all night.