Today’s wedding tip is all about the guest list. One of the most common questions we get between all newly engaged couples is how many people should we expect to show up to the wedding from our invites? On average we recommend you invite 10-15% more than the number of guest you are aiming for. Bride and grooms will typically see around 10-20% of guest decline that were originally invited. You also need to take in account the number of people who just forget to return the RSVP. Now a days this is becoming a bigger problem, everyone wants to use social media or texting to respond. It may be a good idea to have your maid of honor help send out text messages to those who “forget” to RSVP to help you get a more accurate number. Just remember, it is always easier to invite more people at a later date rather then having to un-invite people because you do not have the budget or space for them.