Picture yourself at dinner with your family, expecting to have pleasant conversations and enjoy the company of those you love. Now imagine they spend that time staring at the plethora of distractions on the glowing screen of their phone or tablet the entire time. In a world where we are so deeply connected through our devices, we can sometimes forget to live in the moment and enjoy the experiences we’re blessed with. An unplugged wedding ceremony is one way to help remind your guests how beautiful life and unity can be (not to mention your photos will look way better without all of the cellphones and cameras in the air taking photos!). The big question is how to pull this off politely. Including the information in your wedding website or program will give guests a heads up about what you and your spouse are wanting. You can also post a sign near the entrance or have your officiant make an announcement. By no means does this have to be super rigid, “As Shakespeare once said, please turn off your cell phones.” J No matter how you plan on informing your guests, if an unplugged wedding is in your future, it’s likely your loved ones will graciously comply and be happy that they were completely “present” for your big day.

Best of luck!