As kids, we all dream of our wedding day at some point. It usually looks a little (or a lot) like something from Cinderella: a big, beautiful dress, a handsome prince, and lots of guests. As an adult, however, this dream of our special day is drastically more diverse. One of the biggest deciding factors when planning your wedding is the number of guests you intend on inviting. This drives your venue choice, the number of tables and chairs you need, wedding favors, and almost every other detail. While it can be a daunting decision, we have put together some pros for why we think keeping the guest list under 150 people is worth it.

  1. You get to interact with all of the people you invite! With a shorter guest list, you get to spend your day with the people you love, and not running around trying to greet 700 attendees. This is going to make your guests feel more at home, and give you the opportunity to really talk to everyone. This is especially good for any out of towners you don’t see often.
  2. Your budget will go further. With less people, you need less tables, less favors, less food, etc. This means you can reallocate those funds to things like a rocking travelling photo booth or even your honeymoon! Who doesn’t like to save a little money?
  3. With less people, comes less stress. You are going to feel more relaxed on your big day when you can spend it having fun with the people that really matter. You aren’t going to have to spend nearly as much time catering to a full house, which in turn will allow you to really enjoy yourself. After all, this is about you and your love. You should enjoy every minute.

At Cricket Hill we pride ourselves in being able to offer a venue that can be adapted to the needs of many diverse couples. Whether you choose to have an intimate affair, or a large gathering, we cannot wait to help you get there!