As we look out on the rain today we could not help but blog about the “good luck” behind wedding day rain. There are a few different beliefs about what wedding day rain means for your marriage, here are just a few.

1. It is said that rain on your wedding day washes away the sadness and tough times from your past. What a great way to start your marriage!

2. Wedding day rain is also said to renew your life. The rain washes away your bad memories and gives you a brand new start. Sounds nice to leave all that hurtful and negative energy in your past.

3. One of the biggest beliefs is that rain on your wedding day brings unity, meaning a long lasting marriage. This dates back to the Hindu tradition beliefs. It is derived from the idea that wet knots are very hard to untie, so if it rains on your wedding day your marriage will never unravel.

4. Finally rain on your wedding day in some cultures signifies fertility. This belief came about because in nature when it rains it helps fertilize the plants and vegetation bringing new life.


So pick your favorite belief when it comes to rain on your wedding day and go with that. Just remember rain on your big day does not take away from the celebration and meaning of love. Rain or shine you are marrying your best friend and starting an amazing journey together. Hold on to that and nothing can ruin your wedding day!