Falling in Love with Fall

With our cooler weather this weekend and pumpkin spiced everything hitting the shelves, I can’t help but suddenly be enthralled with everything fall. This obviously includes the great opportunities that come with fall weddings. From color pallets and flowers, to the... read more

Small Weddings: Why we think it’s worth it!

As kids, we all dream of our wedding day at some point. It usually looks a little (or a lot) like something from Cinderella: a big, beautiful dress, a handsome prince, and lots of guests. As an adult, however, this dream of our special day is drastically more diverse.... read more

September Open House

Visit our September Open House ! Saturday September 19th from 11am-3pm Come see our venue and meet our vendors. This is the perfect opportunity to check out Cricket Hill Ranch! read more

Honeymoon Registry: A tasteful alternative

According to an article in the Huffington Post, the average age for Americans getting married has reached a historic high — 27 for women and 29 for men — a jump from the 1990 average marrying age of 23 for women and 26 for men. This means that people are... read more

Wedding Coordinators: You will be happy to have one!

It’s one week before your wedding and suddenly it hits you. Are all of the vendors going to show up on time? Who’s going to tell them where to go and what to do while I am getting ready? Who is going to make sure people are walking down the aisle at the right moments?... read more

Photo Booth’s: The next big thing

When you are looking to book entertainment for your event, whether it’s a large wedding or a smaller party, photo booths are quickly becoming one of the most popular options. When we recently held our Independence Day celebration, we decided to try this out for... read more

The Unplugged Wedding

Picture yourself at dinner with your family, expecting to have pleasant conversations and enjoy the company of those you love. Now imagine they spend that time staring at the plethora of distractions on the glowing screen of their phone or tablet the entire time. In a... read more

Open House 2015

Visit our 2015 Open House ! Saturday June 13th from 11am-2pm  Come see our venue and meet our vendors. This is the perfect opportunity to check out Cricket Hill Ranch! read more

Celebrate New Beginnings and save $250!

Let’s celebrate New Beginnings together! We are offering $250 off your wedding package if you book now!   But you better hurry because we are only extending this special offer to weddings held during the rest of 2015. Contact us today to schedule your tour... read more

Wedding Tip Friday: Music during dinner

While your guest are enjoying dinner we recommend playing a laid back playlist. Play classic artist like Etta James and Nat King Cole and be sure to incorporate some recent favorites like Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. Make sure the music is at a comfortable talking level;... read more

Wedding Transportation

We love our view of the hill country out here at Cricket Hill Ranch, but after a long night of wedding festivities the drive is not the easiest to perform. The roads are not lit and deer can be found roaming all over. For this reason, we recommend providing wedding... read more

Wedding Day Signage

Details are always so important on your wedding day. One way to spice things up is by adding cute signage. The past few years chalkboard signs and wooden signs have become a huge hit and are super cute. Great locations for signs include at the entrance of your wedding... read more

The Proposal

Guys, did you know that you can record the whole proposal with the engagement ring box! Technology is great these days. Most people do not want a huge crowd at the proposal but want to capture that special moment. With the Ring Cam (http://getringcam.com/) you can... read more

April Showers

We have seen so much rain this past month at Cricket Hill Ranch. This can cause any bride to stress out over her big day when her dream ceremony and reception is outdoors. Cricket Hill Ranch has a few options for brides to make this decision less stressful. Our indoor... read more

Picking your maid of honor

In honor of National Siblings Day we wanted to shed some insight on picking the maid of honor when you have multiple sisters. This can be tricky because you are dealing with family and you want to keep the peace, but you have to go with your gut. If you are truly more... read more

Social Media

Social media is everywhere, so why not incorporate it into your wedding. Your guests can utilize popular sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to capture special moments on your big day. Provide your guests with a cute #hashtag to use throughout the night and let... read more

Candy Bars

Who doesn’t love candy? We saw candy bars emerge last year and let me tell you why they were a huge hit! This trend has carried in to 2015 and here is why. A candy bar can serve as departure gifts for your guests. You will need to provide a cute bag for each... read more

Happy Easter

Today Cricket Hill Ranch would like to take the time to wish you all a very happy Good Friday and Easter. We hope you all get to celebrate with loved ones and friends. Take time to enjoy your town’s local festivities, egg hunts with the kids, family photos in... read more

The Getaway Car

Planning the exit for your wedding day is always important, but what about the car you are going to depart in? This is another key moment for some adorable photos. We are seeing less and less of the old school “just married” painted on the getaway car with... read more

Outdoor Seating Area

Want another cute idea to spice up your wedding day? Try creating a cute lounge area or outdoor seating area for your guests to enjoy a few cocktails or gaze at the Texas skies. Rental companies all over the area rent out adorable seating, tables, signage and much... read more

Wedding Tip Friday: The First Dance

Put your jitters away and get out on the dance floor with your new husband or wife. The first dance is a tradition that has been going on for years and it is something your family wants to see. It may seem awkward to dance in front of all your guest but I promise you... read more

Rainy Day Superstition

As we look out on the rain today we could not help but blog about the “good luck” behind wedding day rain. There are a few different beliefs about what wedding day rain means for your marriage, here are just a few. 1. It is said that rain on your wedding... read more

Choosing your wedding colors

Today’s blog is all in the picture. We are bringing you the most popular wedding color palettes for 2015. Here are just a few pairings to get you off in the right direction. Use this color guide to help get you started or see what is popular this wedding season.... read more

Our Venue

Why choose Cricket Hill Ranch for your wedding venue site? Cricket Hill Ranch is one of the newest wedding venues to the breathtaking Texas Hill Country. This is perfect for creating a stunning backdrop for your ceremony or an intimate dance floor under the stars. If... read more

The First Dance

Picking a song for the first dance does not have to be overwhelming and stressful. Here are a few pointers and some of our top choices to help you make it a little bit easier when picking that special song. First, pick something that is meaningful to the two of you.... read more

Wedding Tip Friday: Planning

Planning a wedding is no easy task, especially if you are a female. This is a day we have dreamt about since we were playing dress up in princess clothes and going to pretend balls. So how do you plan the perfect wedding? We can’t give away all our secrets but... read more

Wedding Tip Friday: Inviting the right number of guest

Today’s wedding tip is all about the guest list. One of the most common questions we get between all newly engaged couples is how many people should we expect to show up to the wedding from our invites? On average we recommend you invite 10-15% more than the... read more

Wedding Trend Number 10: Sequins and Feathers

It is the final day in our wedding trend top ten must do’s for 2015 and today it is all about the decor. Sequins are back! Do not let your groom panic when you say you are going to decorate with sequins. This look is beautiful and definitely catches the eye.... read more

Wedding Trend Number 9: The Dress

One of the biggest decisions for your wedding day, aside from choosing Cricket Hill Ranch as your wedding venue is picking the perfect wedding dress. 2015 is full of new designers ideas that will show off beauty, style and detail. This year we are seeing even more... read more

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air today! Many couples will go out and make the next step in their relationship and pop the big question, “Will you marry me?” Yes, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest day’s for proposals and we love it! With that being said... read more

Wedding Trend Number 8: Bohemian Chic

2015 is proven to be the year of bohemian chic. We are still seeing a bit of the rustic look but bohemian chic is definitely the in style for this year. So what exactly is bohemian chic? Bohemian Chic combines organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with... read more

Wedding Trend Number 7: Late Night Snacks

Weddings now a days tend to end around 11:00 p.m. or later and your guests are sure to be hungry. More and more couples are starting to do late night snacks for their guests to enjoy along with all that dancing and drinking that is taking place. We have scene a wide... read more

Wedding Trend Number 6: Engagement Ring

The past few years the popular theme has been silver engagement rings with fun shaped diamonds, but 2015 is the year of something new! Yellow and rose gold are coming back around. These colors are known to blend with skin tones as well as making them look great on... read more

Wedding Trend Number 5: Bridesmaid Dresses

Today we are focusing on the ladies! The ombre look for bridesmaid dresses really took off last year but it will definitely continue in to 2015. Fewer brides are choosing to style their best friends in the same dress and do a shade of one color. The difference between... read more

Super Bowl Predictions

Today we are taking a side step from our top 10 countdown for 2015 and want to hear your predictions for the Super Bowl! Who do you all think is going to win this year…the Seahawks or Patriots? Or are you just watching for the halftime show, go Katy Perry! Or do... read more

Wedding Trend Number 4: Formal Affairs

2015 is a year of details and glam; brides are choosing to go all out. What do we mean by all out? Imagine champagne towers, fancy bars, cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres, crowns and valets. Brides are not cutting corners this year, everything is being done up... read more

Wedding Trend Number 3: Wedding Cakes

This year we are seeing a new spin on the traditional wedding cake, “naked cake.” Couples are choosing to forgo the outer layer of icing so you can see the variety of colors and the actual texture of the cake. Don’t be alarmed at the thought of no... read more

Wedding Trend Number 2: Drink Stations

Drink Stations, everyone needs them so why not do a few smaller stations instead of one large one. What are the benefits of doing a few small drink stations? First off, they are super cute! Each bar can be customized to your style to match the wedding. Not only are... read more

Fabulous Trends for 2015: Food Trucks

Cricket Hill Ranch would like to ring in 2015 by sharing some of the biggest wedding trends that are sure to have your guests breathless. Be sure to check out our blog over the next few weeks to help plan your 2015 wedding or spark some great ideas. Today’s... read more