Put your jitters away and get out on the dance floor with your new husband or wife. The first dance is a tradition that has been going on for years and it is something your family wants to see. It may seem awkward to dance in front of all your guest but I promise you there is nothing to worry about. Most of your guest may take this time to top off their drinks or check their phones. If you are nervous try taking a dance class before the big day or practicing in your living room. Pick the right song that will get you both excited about your first dance as a married couple and just have fun. After all that if you are still terrified of dancing in front of all your guests have your DJ or band shorten the song to a length you both feel comfortable with. All in all it is best to do a first dance to honor the tradition that has been going on for years and for some great wedding album photos.

Below is a couple that got married at Cricket Hill Ranch on 3/14/15 (click First Dance to watch the video). They were adorable during their first dance and had fun! Thank you Roger and Meghan Hill for celebrating with us! 

First Dance